How to reach Salamanca

The Madrid-Barajas international airport is the fifth busiest in Europe in terms of the numbers of flights and passengers.

Madrid-Airport to Salamanca (by Bus)

The AVANZA bus company offers a bus service from Madrid Airport to Salamanca bus station. This service departs from the bus terminals located in Terminal T1 and T4 of Madrid Airport. The estimated travel time is 2 hours and 30 minutes. You can buy your tickets at

Madrid City Center to Salamanca (Train)

If you prefer, you can also travel to Salamanca by train. However, in this option, you will first have to get to Madrid’s railway station from the airport. Principe Pío is the name of Madrid’s train station from which there are frequent direct connections to Salamanca.

Firstly, to get to the Principe Pío train station in Madrid you must get to Terminal T4 at the airport, where there are train connections to the main railway station.

If you arrive at Terminals T1, T2 or T3 you will need to take a free shuttle bus to take you to Terminal T4. It travels every 5 minutes, and these are the stops between T1 to T4:

  • Terminal T1 floor 0 Departures
  • Terminal T2 floor 2 Departures
  • No stop at Terminal T3 (This is because T1 is within a 2-minute walking distance from T3)
  • Terminal T4 floor 2 Departures

Once at Terminal T4 you can take the RENFE Cercanías C1 or C10 trains heading to the Principe Pío train station. The train station is on floor -1 at Terminal T4, and is called “Aeropuerto T4”.

Madrid-Airport to Salamanca (by bus)

You can get your train ticket at either the Self-Service Machines or the Cercanías/Rodalíes Ticket Offices.

Madrid-Airport to Salamanca (by bus)

Madrid-Airport to Salamanca (by bus)

Estimated travel time: Aeropuerto T4 to Príncipe Pío Madrid Railway Station => 41 minutes.

The first train from Aeropuerto T4 to Madrid Railway Station (Principe Pío) leaves at 5.56 a.m., and the last one at 10.25 p.m.

Once at the Príncipe Pío Madrid Railway Station you will be able to find a direct connection to Salamanca.

Madrid City Center to Salamanca (Bus)

The AVANZA bus company offers a regular direct bus service from Madrid Estación Sur to Salamanca bus station. The estimated travel time is 2 hours and 30 minutes. You can buy your tickets at (

Salamanca is 115 Km southeast of Valladolid and there is a bus service from Valladolid’s Villanubla airport to the city centre. For more information go to

Regular bus ( and train services ( are available from Valladolid (city centre) to Salamanca. The journey (via motorway) between Valladolid and Salamanca takes 1.05 hours.

Salamanca is connected to Portugal, Valladolid, and Madrid via motorway. It is connected via motorway to the south of Spain (i.e. Sevilla) and the north (i.e. León, Gijón and Oviedo). There are also regular direct trains between Salamanca and the major cities of Portugal, such as Lisbon or Porto, and we are also well connected with several French cities.